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Finding balance while juggling life’s responsibilities can be overwhelming. We understand that career, financial responsibilities, family, relationship and parenting challenges that arise in life may feel daunting and we all need help sorting through those feelings. Our genuine empathy for people and the human experience underlies our passion to guide clients to a purpose filled life. Whether you’re faced with a temporary crisis or you’re looking to learn skills necessary to maintain a balanced life, we offer a supportive safe space with the goal of promoting understanding and self-awareness.

As clinicians, our goal is to empower and challenge you to increase self-awareness, develop insight, and learn healthy ways to cope. Together, through self-exploration, we can implement positive, healthy changes necessary to facilitate healing and positive growth.

The Denham Group is currently accepting new clients for therapy to support children & adults, individuals and families. We want to empower you to explore practical conflict resolution skills and utilize effective crisis management tools. We look forward to speaking with you.


Amanda D. Jurist
CA. LCSW # 75897
NYC. LCSW # 086432

CEO of The Denham Group, LLC